1. 1. Upload your content.
  2. 2. Find your audience.
  3. 3. Control your content.
  4. 4. Grow your subscriber base.
  5. 5. Measure your reach.
  6. 6. Monetize.

Online video and so much more.

You create compelling videos to build your brand, we’ll help you deliver it to your audience and build and monetize your subscriber base.

How it Works

Be your own tv network with minimal startup costs. Bring Your Own (BYO) vision and content. We provide the technology to bring your business idea to life with the platform to host your content and the ability to connect you with your audience.

1. Create your own channel

2. Own your content and get paid for people to watch your station

3. Increase your revenue opportunity with sponsored non-intrusive ads

4. Promote yourself or allow viewers to find you on the MM StreamOn channel guide

5. Keep doing what you do and get paid to do it

Content Creators

Do you have what it takes to be the next great content creator?
Currently accepting beta testers! Sign up to become an early adopter and create original content.

The Products

Mobile Matterz is a technology company that provides new revenue solutions for subscription-based businesses. Through the MM suite of products (StreamOn, SubHub, Ad Plus, Wireless Access) early stage to high growth companies and entrepreneurs are empowered to launch, manage, and grow revenue through unique branded video content.

MM SubHub

Cloud-based software to manage the entire lifecycle of your subscribers.
The tools you need to scale and optimize your recurring revenue business.

MM StreamOn

Live streaming TV and On-demand video (IoT) for IoS and Android smartphones, tablets and TVs.
Use as value-add for mobile customers or pay-for-service, ability to monetize with MM Ad Plus.

MM Ad Plus

Mobile advertising monetization, non-intrusive ads which can be added to the StreamOn channel unique and targeted to your subscriber base.
Mobile Ad tech programs to monetize your products and services.

MM Wireless Access

Wholesale, retail and enterprise access and services on 4G/LTE nationwide networks.


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